I’m a 26 year old student from Espoo, Finland, and I make needle felted animal sculptures.

I found out about needle felting in 2015 when I ran into pictures of realistic needle felted animals on the Internet. I was very surprised to find out that you could make so detailed and intricate sculptures from wool. I wanted to try making needle felted sculptures myself and was soon hooked with the technique that, despite its apparent simplicity, allows you to create so many different kinds of surfaces and shapes. Now I needle felt almost daily and still continue to learn more about the techniques of sculpting wool with every work that I make.

Nature and animals, especially birds, have always intrigued me. Having always lived in Finland, I am especially fond of Finnish wildlife, and so most of my needle felted animals are species that live in Finland.

I start the making of a new sculpture by planning it on paper. After making a few (life-size) sketches of the bird I make the beak and the eyes from polymer clay and paint them with acrylic colours. Having finished the beak and eyes, I make a wire armature for the sculpture, after which I can start adding wool around it and sculpt the shape of the animal. Felting the surface with all its colours and patterns takes the longest time.

The sculptures you can see on this site are going to exhibitions next year, so unfortunately none of them are for sale at the moment.

If you have any questions about my works or would like to order a custom needle felted sculpture from me, feel free to send me an email with this form.

Thank you for visiting my website!

  • Filippa Loikkanen